Friday, May 29, 2009

Time to refocus.

Because June is MY month. I hereby claim it. The month where I get to work on the projects I have put off all year. School is over. Nearly all of the kid's activities are over and its my turn. Except for swimming lessons and a few violin lessons, and maybe a scout activity. Oh, and dh's eye surgery. And a few visits from friends and family. But I really mean it, I get some time too!
My list of things that I intend to make a valiant attempt at are:
Re-upholster a chair. I already have the fabric. That's good. I have no idea how to proceed. That's bad.
Work on dd's quilt. It will absolutely, positively be done before she leaves for college.
Complete some more graphic design projects. Anyone else need a custom egg carton label?
Read some great books. I've been stuck on The Chosen for a month now and I am not feeling the love. I need something else.
Yard work. My front yard is lonely and neglected.
Photocards for Marie, sympathy for Joyce and celebrations for baby boy Haring.
Blog more. Topics I've been mulling include our bathroom remodel that no one has seen, Everett Ruess, my urban homestead, and Little Stones.
Let the projects begin.


Anonymous said...

Go for it! That's just about how I feel, more organized of course, but I love being free :) I love having my children home :) Doing different things :) Love the weather too :)

Michal said...

yay for having time to do what YOU want to do. if you like historical fiction, i loved the princes of wales series by sharon kay penman. great medieval story. it took me about 100 pages to get into the first one, then i was all in.

beantater said...

I have a little experience reupholstering. You might be better to take a class, but I will be glad to demonstrate if you would like. M

Bekah said...

Yeah--be careful with the upholstering--I helped my MIL with her couches a few years ago and completely burnt out the motor on my sewing machine. I'm not a fan of velvet.

And if you're having a hard time with The Chosen, try The Ladies' Auxiliary, by Tova Mirvis. Same culture, more entertaining/fast-paced story (Although I do love Potok, myself).

Hope you guys are doing well! It's been way too long. We'll have to see if we can get to CA sometime soon. Or maybe meet up in UT?

Tamlynn said...

ha! -you upholstering doubters, its already done! I'll try to post pics tomorrow.

Bekah, I tried that book too, and just couldn't get into it! I'll email you about getting together.