Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Spy Bags

I spy bags! I have been making and selling these fun bags since 2004. I spy bags are like a bean bag with a window. I include at least 45 fun items in with the non-toxic poly beads so children -and very often adults- can find or "spy" the little items by shaking, kneading, and turning the bag. A list of all the fun items is listed on the back of the bag. The perfect quiet toy for long trips and long waits. Take them on the airplane, to the Dr's waiting room, to church, anywhere! My bags are 7" x 7" and weigh about 1 lb. The fabric is soft, durable corduroy except for the cow and leopard prints which are faux fur. Every seam is double stitched for security, but just to be on the safe side, always supervise your children when they play with one. I don't recommend them for children under 3 years old. If you would like one, please leave me a comment and I'll contact you. I'm still working on my blogging expertise. Here are some I've made in the past, but I'm always happy to create something new! $20 each plus shipping.
i spy
Here are all the different corduroy fabrics I currently have. Top row, left to right they are: dark blue with stars, cow, leopard, dark green, teal, lavender with flowers, argyle, light pink with yellow and navy flowers, light pink, medium pink, dark pink, cowboy. Bottom row, left to right, olive green, brown with pink dots, multi-stripe with pink, dark purple, plum, orange and purple with hearts, orange, red, medium blue, turquoise, light blue, brown, brown with embroidered pink flowers.


smart mama said...

your eye spy bags ae so cute--I adore the cowboy and animal ones- I may have to get another one-- you should make a button to go in your sidebar that links to this post for all your visitors to access- if you need help I can help you--

Jill said...

How do I order one of these? Do I just pick from the one of the pictures, or do you have others also? What themes do you have? And one more question: What ages would you say these work best for? I am thinking of my grandchildren. My email is Jillyds@sbcglobal.net

Thank you

JNSexton555 said...

What a cool idea! My daughter is 5 1/2, I think she'd love this! My son is 7 1/2, do you think he's too old for one?