Monday, May 23, 2011

Berry good

The boysenberries are ripe! The boysenberries are ripe! Most of them so far have not made it to the kitchen to be weighed, or even washed, but that is fine with me. Nothing like a juicy little snack in the backyard to make summertime sweet. We bought the thornless boysenberry variety, but the newer shoots have plenty of nasty thorns. The strawberries and mint are also from the garden. The yogurt was a recent find. Check out Straus Family Creamery for delicious, whole milk-and-nothing else yogurt. It is so hard to find yogurt without stabilizers or thickeners much less made with whole milk. I was excited to get some at my local Sprouts, and according to the Straus website their products are carried in several Western states. Checking out Straus's website I was also excited to see their recipes page that includes directions to make your own cheese, butter and yogurt. Oh yes, and their cows seem healthy and happy too. I have made my own yogurt, but comparing the price of organic milk and good yogurt seem to be about the same. I nearly always get the plain flavor, then add my own mix-ins like honey, cinnamon, maple syrup, fruit and granola. This pretty bowl of berries got dumped into a larger bowl, topped with more berries, a drizzle of honey, and devoured.

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