Monday, January 19, 2009

Good things come from blog stalking.

A friend of mine told me about the blog of a friend of hers. I checked it out. I am completely impressed. I am now a stalker. Don't worry, Grandma Ann, I am harmless. Your interests remind me very much of my own departed Grandma Betty. And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, here you go:
Abalone Cove.
Thanks to Grandma Ann's recent posts about tidepooling, with extremely helpful links to maps, tide tables and even scientific identifications, my family was finally able to see some really good stuff in the ocean. I apologize to all my family members who we've dragged to the lame rocky beach that had only tiny anemones and too much stinky seaweed. Now we know a better place to go. Please come back and visit us again.
Although the tide was not as low as in Grandma Ann's latest trip, and we didn't see quite so many cool creatures, we still had an amazing time. Except for dd, who insisted that "This is the worst day of my whole life! All I can see are anemones and sea stars and crabs!" Poor child. She eventually got over it and found some exciting rocks.
The more adventurous members of my family enjoyed the anemones, sea stars and crabs thank you very much.
A Purple Sea Urchin flanked by Green Anemones.Striped Shore Crab Several Ochre Sea StarsPacific Gooseneck Barnacles (the white ones) and California Mussels (the dark ones)A Hermit Crab in the shell of a Black Turban Snail.An Anemone that looks like it is eating part of a Rock LobsterAnd finally, some new plants for my checklist:
Castor Bean

Tree Tobacco

Lemonade Berry (thanks Grandma Ann!)Thank you, Grandma Ann at Sitting Knitting for all your valuable information. I look forward to copying you again soon.


Grandma Ann said...

Hi Tamlynn,

I was browsing your blog yesterday and enjoyed reading it very much. I also noticed how many interests we have in common. Thanks for the link and the compliments.

That shell with the crab inside is a Black Tegula or Turban. It's a snail. And the bush you identified as a Sugarbush I think is Lemonadeberry. They are very similar and even hybridize which doesn't help.

And yes, the rocks are very interesting, too, just as interesting as the sea life.

badmomgoodmom said...

Hi Tamlynn,
I was fascinated with the rocks, too.

Grandma Ann was inspired by my trip, and I am happy to see she inspired your trip.

Lei said...

Gosh we gotta get out of Texas! LOL!

How have you been? I've missed you!