Sunday, January 18, 2009

A corner of a room of one's own.

A corner is better than nothing. I must have a designated space. The dining room table works for cutting fabric and large drawing projects, but only on a temporary basis. I need a place for my stuff that is easily accessible and a place where I can leave a project out in the open for a while. This has been the biggest adjustment of moving to this house - I've lost "my" room. Gratefully, my sweet dd has allowed me to have a corner of her room. On the condition that I teach her to sew on the machine. Which I will do when she is a little older and stops losing her hand-sewing needles. Yeah, lost needles are always fun. I've tried hard to make my area fit in with the decor of her room, and we still struggle with the "I can leave piles of junk on my table but you, dd, keep your stuff off of it" concept, but I'll take what I can get for now. I'd like to make that cork board cuter. Any suggestions? I have my eye on upgrading my project space to the garage, but I'm going to have to fight dh for it. So show me your rooms, nooks, crannies, etc. where you create. I'd love to see your solutions to claiming your own project space. And after you take a pic, tell me what you love to create in your room of your own.


BobandLu said...

Dd is generous!
Pins still go through paint. Fabric too! I want to see what you end up doing with it. Our growing family is what has pushed me out of my creating space. It's a good thing to trade for, but still sad. I keep a lot of my mess making stuff in big folding door closet across from our master bath toilet.
It's the strangest house. Built by someone who doesn't actually store things or have visitors to the front door. (There is a powder room RIGHT across from the front door. If the door isn't shut tight you could greet your guest from the toilet.) I'm constantly telling my kids what they can and can't do in that toilet.

Elise said...

Hey Tamlynn,
I cannot imagine having to share my crafty area with my daughter. Of course, she's almost 4 and I think I wouldn't have anything left and/or she would have bloody finger prints everywhere!!
For the corkboard, why don't you cover it in fabric and paint the frame??
Can't wait to see what you do!!
Oh, and my kids would love to ride an elephant!!

Char said...

I think that's a great solution!

I have a whole room in my basement and I pretty much just sew. Maybe I'll take some pictures...depends on what it looks like right now, ROFL!

Anonymous said...

I'm just not crafty so I don't have a "space" for my stuff. LOL Yeah that wasn't too helpful was it?

badmomgoodmom said...

I posted pix of my sewing room:

Lei said...

Isn't Char disgusting? A whole room! Oooh and aaah.

Your idea is cute and if I actually had my own spcae I think I'd even paint it pink!!! For the bulletin baord - this seems like an obvious choice, but have you consider covering it with fabric or criss crossing ribbons to hold stuff in place? Just displaying little swatches of some fun fabric maybe?

I share our office with Andrew and msotly I do my photo editing in there. You've seen it. Pretty traditional looking. All my crafty stuff is in the armoire... so my idea is to somehow work a fold down table type thing from the inside, find a cute stool I can stash in the corner when not in use, and decorate the inside of the armoire - the doors as bulletin baords, that kind of thing. It's a way off still, I have to finish all the other undone stuff first!

mindyluwho said...

We're moving in a couple of weeks and I'm very excited because I finally get a crafty room of my own...except I have three daughters who will also be in there crafting and sewing with me, which will make it all the more fun, but messy!

I love your little space. My kids all took turns sharing a space with me over the years but it never looked as cute as yours does! I like the aforementioned ideas of covering the cork board with fabric, or even pretty paper that you could change when you felt like it.