Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

My dad. He's the one with the beard. I'm the one with the hat. Since I won't get to be with my dad today -but we will have a webcam session- I dedicate this post to him. My dad cannot speak without telling a joke. And it doesn't even have to be a particularly good joke. He loves old movies, old cars and long naps. He served in Vietnam. He has been bishop, sheriff and scoutmaster. He set a good example for me of what a husband should be. I remembered his example when I started looking for a husband. Well, I wasn't really looking, but dh was.

My dh and my dad are alike in several important ways. First, they work hard to support their family. They are dedicated to their families, even spending their free time at home. They share a love for fixing things and consuming large quantities of red meat. They each support their wife in her hare-brained schemes. "You want chickens, dear? All right." (How many stray cats have you caught, Mom?)

My dh and I try to spoil each other on Mother's/Father's Day. Breakfast in bed, dinner of your choice, handmade gifts from the kids and a gift from us. Today I made a lasagna from scratch and the kids and I made Oreo truffles -see a fancier version here. They are so good they should be illegal. Doing all the work ourselves helps us realize how much we depend on the other's help just to get through a typical Sunday. Honestly, though, I prefer Mother's Day. lol.

I have been especially aware of the precious relationships fathers and husbands provide us because my friend Kayla's husband passed away from a heart attack a few days ago. My heart has been so sad for her and her young children. My prayers are with them. Their lives are forever changed and will not be easy.

Go and hug your dh, your dad, your kids. Happy Father's Day.


sweetpea said...

Dads are THE BEST!! What a great post about the dads in your life--

LOL about preferring Mothers' day! I do too. :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post!

Lauri said...

Oh my heck! Does your friend Kayla live in Boise? I was visiting my mom and she told me about a Kayla that used to be in our ward who's husband just died really young from a heart attack. They had another young family that last over half of their fmaily in a tragic car accident, father included, this summer. It makes me realize how everything we know could be gone in a flash, and to treasure each moment we have with each other. BTW, your curtains look great and I love the birds! We had so much fun seeing you guys again and hope we weren't too much of an inconvenience. Thanks again for putting us up!


minGoshen said...

I was so very suprised to see that picture that was taken so many years ago, so very much in love were we and still are after all these years. and you and charo were the beginning of our eternal family. So greatful that you came to us. we love you your the greatest. happy day.