Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation Part 2

Part 2: The county fair. My poor kids. Most moms would just buy their kids tickets to ride on the rides. Not me. I heard the fair was giving away 3 free ride tickets to each kid who turned in 3 book reports. So my kids earned their tickets! The first ride was the Zipper, which their friends had been raving about all week. It was a hit, though ds was a little short and kept getting tossed around the basket so much the ride director made him get off. Then came the Gravitron (no photo). There are good and bad sides to attending the fair on a slow day. Good: no standing in line to get on rides. Bad: the bored, toothless, questionably educated ride operator may let the ride run extra long because there are only four kids on it and none standing in line. Bad again: small children are not astronauts in training. Good again: the ride operater has to hose off his own ride. One last bad: the poor kids will remain green so long that all they want to do is lie on the grass moaning. Eventually they gave away their final hard-earned tickets to some other children, along with a stern warning about the Gravitron.
Best things about the County Fair:
1. Dragon's Blood snow cones
2. Candied Almonds
3. Corn Dogs
4. Kettle Corn
5. Funnel Cakes
6. NOT riding the Gravitron

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Maxmomma said...

That is hilarious! Poor kids- it must have been bad to give up a ticket they had earned writing a book report!