Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today's Lesson: Boogie Boarding 101

Go ahead and be jealous. This is what my kids and I did today. That's right, on Wednesday, October 1st. A glorious, hot, sunshiney day. First of all, the kids got their laundry folded and put away, their beds made and their rooms clean in record time with no whining, complaining or playing around! I think I'm on to something here.
Then we hit the beach. We had almost the entire beach to ourselves. We saw a few kayakers, some joggers, and couples strolling, but mostly it was just us and the freshly raked sand. Oh, and that guy who paddles himself around while standing up straight on his surfboard.
We built sandcastles, chased the sea gulls and splashed around in the waves, then the kids got serious about learning to use their boogie boards. They've had them for a year or so, but never dared go in very far. Usually they would just let the last few feet of muddy wave push them onto dry sand. Like in this picture. But today, I waded out with them and taught them how to hold on, lay on the board and get turned around so they could ride a big wave. They were thrilled! Even when they took a tumble and went under, they came up smiling. The waves were quite calm today, and the sand actually settled between waves enough for me to see a few feet down. I found two beautiful sand dollars! I forgot to take pics of them.
We often see dolphins at our beach, but every time is still exciting and they didn't disappoint us today. For birdwatching, we saw a new bird to me; I think it is a Royal Tern. Of course there were the ever-present brown pelicans, gulls, pigeons, and the little sandpiper-like ones I need to identify one of these days.
Today was a good day.


Anonymous said...

That looks so relaxing!! We are having great weather to go to the beach, I just don't want to drive that far. LOL

Lauri said...

Okay, I am jealous. That is beautiful!

Michal said...

i guess it was a good day! and i thought i had a good day because i had time for a nap, a phone call, and a blog post. the beach beats that!

mindyluwho said...

What a great day! We are going to be at the beach in a couple of Hawaii!

Candice said...

i am jealous. you are very lucky to live there. i read your blog, but am a bad comment leaver. isn't that selfish to read and not comment? i think so.

anyway, what a beautiful day you lucky girl!