Monday, July 7, 2008

Starting my bucket list

Top five places in the world I'd like to visit sometime in my life: 1. The Netherlands 2. Scotland 3. Switzerland 4. the Galapagos Islands 5. Japan or maybe Italy. Its my list, I can have 6 if I want to. Top five places in the USA I'd like to visit sometime in my life: 1. Alaska 2. Montana 3. Forks, Washington 4. Mount Rushmore 5. Channel Islands -I am determined to cross this one off within the next 12 months. 6. Okay, thought of another one for domestic travel too. White Sands, NM. Tell me about your travel dreams.


Candice said...

Well, Hello!

It was nice to see you on my little blog the other day.
Next time we come to So Cal we wouldlove to see you guys. Hopefully we will come soon (okay meaning like 2 years) because we had such a good time. I am jealous of your perfect weather.

I think I have gone thru most of your blog- I never realized how crafty and talented you are. I am impressed. Your curtains are an improvement even if you didn't totally do it your self. And the before and after of your house is- funny. You have a good eye. We are planning on buying this winter and I will just have to do with something that already looks good to my eye becuase I just don't have that special quality. (and poor cody, well I'll just say he is really good at his work- which is far from anything to do with a tool box)

The kids look big. When you don't see them, I think you expect them to stay the same.

Take care

Dan Haring said...

Hey! This is a cool idea. Kori and I have a ton of places we want to visit too. It'll probably be a while though. But, Scotland and Switzerland are awesome. Go to Interlaken. It's beautiful. And you would love Italy too. You could spend a ton of time just in Rome, but you have to go to Venice. So I guess you've been reading the Twilight books? Kori's very excited about the last book coming out next month. You should let us know when you're going to Alaska. We'll get all the good info for you, like where the best reindeer hot dogs are :)

Tamlynn said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, Dan. Thanks. lol. Yeah, why didn't you take me with you to Europe? Maybe I was busy or something...

When are you going to update YOUR blog?

Dan Haring said...

Haha. Well you should at least have the king crab when you go then. Since it's pretty much the place to get it. There's a really good place in downtown Anchorage.

You guys were in Phoenix at the time. I took the Greyhound from Philadelphia and I think K was staying with you too. (It was fall of 2000. You didn't have dd yet, did you?) And yes, we need to get a family blog going. Watch for it sometime soon.

sweetpea said...

Oooh, I love all those places you listed! I don't know if I can whittle down my list--there are so many places I want to visit and see. I can't wait to travel!