Thursday, July 3, 2008

It is that time of year again.

Actually, I'm a little late. Every year about May/June-ish I take a photo of our house when the flowers are at their best. Just to compare it to the pic I took when we first moved here three years ago. So, for your viewing pleasure, may I present our cottage then and now. What a difference a whole lotta work makes. lol. Its too bad the pics are small and I never took a good pic of the knee-high rotting wood fences down both sides of the front yard. Basically, the only things we didn't change were the brickwork and the main driveway. We even had the city come replace the street tree. When I called them, the woman came to look at the tree to determine if it was really in need of replacement and she actually laughed at the pathetic thing. You can't see the whole tree, but notice the shadow. See how it looks flat on one side of where the branches should be? It was. It was a pretty ugly house, but I could see potential. All it needed was a new coat of paint, a new garage door, a new window, new lights, new house numbers, new mailbox, new doorbell, new door knob, landscaping, sprinkler system, lawn, side walkway concrete poured, repainted front door. Thank goodness the roof was in good condition. And of course that is just the front yard. Here is a close up of the front flower bed before and after. No offense to lava rock and black plastic edging lovers, but oh dear.

This picture was actually from 2007. Just imagine everything bigger. In case you are wondering, the blue flower is agapanthus, the white is fortnight lily, the orange is CA poppy, the red strappy leafed one is New Zealand flax, there is a pygmy date palm in there and a fancy geranium near the poppies.


BobandLu said...

I love love red front doors! You've done a great job. I had the same weird brownish trim and garage door problem here. I turned it a dusty dark blue that was on the "approved" list from our Homeowners' Association. I need to get myself on that board.

Elise said...

All it needed was...That got me to laughing!! My husband constantly shakes his head at me when I point out a cute(to me) house and say "All it needs is a coat of paint." He tells me the house is falling in!! Your yard looks beautiful and such a darling house!!