Thursday, July 17, 2008

I don't know how I feel about this. Mortified or proud?

Wednesday was ds's birthday (I'll post pics soon). So of course on Tuesday I was strolling around Kmart at about 9pm getting party favors. Because I am well prepared and plan things in advance, you know. Anyway, this song came on in Kmart and suddenly I was transported back in time. My plodding feet suddenly felt lighter. A smile crossed my lips. I started wandering the aisles instead of heading to the checkout line just so I could enjoy the entire song. I may have even started singing along. But then, the song ended and the pitifullness of my situation dropped on me like the stack of blue-light special pecan sandies they stack way up to the ceiling so the little old ladies have to ask me to reach a package for them. When did I get old? When did the songs of my teenage years become muzak? But instead of heading for the anti-wrinkle cream aisle, I mollified myself with this thought: They are playing music for me because I am THE CONSUMER. I am part of one of the most powerful demographic groups in the world. I decide how the money will be spent. I rule the budget. I affect the economy. This power could go to my head! By now I know you are dying to hear the tune that magically convinces people like to me to stay in stores longer and buy more stuff, but I'm not even going to tell you the name of the song. You'll have to click here to hear it. I apologize if you have to listen to that annoying deodorant commercial where the woman actually sniffs her armpit or the sappy feminine hygiene product commercial first. No, I never thought the crescent moon looked like a maxi pad. But apparently people who will listen to this song are easily convinced to spend money... PS -Can I add a PS? Today I was in the grocery store and this song was playing. Excellent.


sweetpea said...

I have thought about that as well--mostly in the grocery store. I prefer to think about it like I have the power. It makes me feel better. :)

smart mama said...

lol the song- thats on my cd best rock love songs of the 80s-- ps those marketers have totally got your number!

miller care(y)t tops said...

we just moved to Grants Pass, OR- talk about breathtaking!! us AZ peeps are so deprived in the lush green dept. that i can't get over how lush green it is here! we're absolutely loving it.

our house is a rental until we find a home. it's fun looking for our next home, unfort. we've gotten really attached to our neighbors (my next blog post) and we don't want to move now! yikes!! so, we're limiting ourself to this neighborhood/ward/elem. school. it's making things difficult!

hope you're having a wonderful summer - love your 4th of july picture!

Elise said...

No armpit sniffing or tampons, whew!!
I always love it when I hear the Bee Gees. Not that I was a teenager when they were popular, just that I loved disco and other songs from the 60's and 70's.

taffi said...

that is my life. I find myself singing along to the muaak quite often, unfortunately.